Welcome to ELCOM internet service provider.

Where you can find all internet services that suit your business or home needs, from our belief that future depends on technology we always looking to create the latest technology with highest quality, because information technology is our world and we take all responsibility to put this world in your hands with the simplest ways.

Hosting Service

At Elcom we pride ourselves on delivering exactly the right hosting solution for your business.

Elcom guaranteed a reliable platform without having to manage the infrastructure that goes with it. And offering maximum flexibility, with tailored service level agreements
We deliver affordable, flexible hosting with no compromise on performance. At Elcom we believe that providing excellent service and support for our customers is not just important - it's vital. We've made it central to everything we do, and every service we provide
When you choose E-lcom to host your site or your applications in the data center have then you will feel the difference and satisfaction through the technical support for your business and you will realize the objective we seek to achieve.

At Elcom We offer three kinds of hosting:

  1. Shared hosting
  2. Dedicated Serves
  3. Co-location Servers
  4. VPS