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Where you can find all internet services that suit your business or home needs, from our belief that future depends on technology we always looking to create the latest technology with highest quality, because information technology is our world and we take all responsibility to put this world in your hands with the simplest ways.


Are some ISP's better than others? Which one is more reliable?

If you are in front of several options between Internet service providers and you use the internet to manage your business, entertainment, or for education

you want to choose a reliable internet service provider that offers technical support24 /7


We understand that every client has different needs and budget for internet connection

All of them have one common need that  internet should be available around the clock

Elcom puts between  your hands a range of packages & solutions so you can choose one of them


Every business success depends on client’s satisfaction and also it is important for us and for our reputation.

First of all you will ask us what we mean in customer care is?

Customer service for us is the ability to supply our customers' wants and needs.

How we take care of our clients?

Elcom ISP

Elcom ISP

The future depends on information technology, and today in the Elcom world the information has been become the power of our existing to provide the best services to you.

If you are seeking these services، enjoy the benefits of the Internet and stay connected with the world around you, Elcom offering you today, this feature through a multiple services put the world of the Internet in your hands.


No matter what is your use of the Internet for work, entertainment, or to study if you are looking for education, entertainment, or any other information, Elcom offers you everything you need according to the type of appropriate contact for you at reasonable prices