Welcome to ELCOM internet service provider.

Where you can find all internet services that suit your business or home needs, from our belief that future depends on technology we always looking to create the latest technology with highest quality, because information technology is our world and we take all responsibility to put this world in your hands with the simplest ways.

About Us

We deserve your trust


ELcom is the one of syriatech group which is the first in the world of technology and communications in Syria, ELcom ISP specializes in providing Internet services with the latest methods and means and global standards and keeping what the Syrian market needs of modern services to meet not only the end user, but also large companies to reach to the global level, with a focus on providing this service with best prices


That's what makes us different.



Who We Are

The company was established as a result of a major Union of 28 companies of the most famous Syrian companies working in the areas of information technology, communications, and software.

Elcom Company started its activity in the 25/11/2006, which provides for Internet access services in Syria.



What We Do

ELcom know the importance of providing its customers with the highest level of Internet services, to meet their evolving needs, with the daily development of these services

We are specialists in e-lcom to find easy solutions to our customers and to provide the service
in the best shape, as we have special offers fit with all of users such as : Dial up  connection –ISDN connection-  ADSL – Leased line  and other services

To reach a high level of service, e-lcom adopted a team who is the best technically and administratively to provide better service and communication with customers.


Customer Services

Elcom's team of IT professionals is highly trained to support our customers in all matters related to networks and Internet solutions. Our qualified support team can be reached over the phone, on site or walk in. We guarantee the highest standards of quality support for our subscribers. Our goal is to make sure that all our customers are up and running without any interruptions.




The Customer service Department is open 7/7 days a week 24/24 hours.

Elcom support center provides levels of assistance without having to be put you on hold.


You can reach us by phone:

For Technical Support call: 011- 5027

Fax: 011- 232 6066


Customer Services via e-mail :

Technical Support:

Sales Support : sales@e-lcom. sy

Why Elcom

In the age of communications, information revolution and technical requirements of modern life in a world becoming one global village.

Only e-lcom can be with this development and provides the best services with best prices

ELcom is also keen to inform customers on the all-new activities and offers related to its services ,in addition to  technical support department 24 / 7 to serve you.


Our Agents

You can communicate with E-lcom through our dependable agents in all provinces:


Area Agent Mobile  Phone
Latakia / Tartus Mr.Michel Aoad 0988762000
Homs Mr.Hani yazbek 0933681955
Homs Mr.Naowras Shahien 0955695077
Aleppo Mr.Hadi Alloush 0955960081
Al Hasaka Mr.Fahed Harba 0944856138
Hamah - Edleb Mr.Mwafak Fayad 0944665141
Al Suwaydaa Mr.Khaled Haidar 0955397058
Al Rakka / Der Al Zor Mr.Ahmad Dawas 0947626472
Daraa Mr.Ghassan Aba Zaid 0999592854
Yabroud / Alnabek Mr.Mulham Meneem 0966646664
Jdaidet Artouz Mr.Muhammad Bilal 0933314950
Al Zabadani / Bludan Mr.Ali Omar 0944444334
Harasta Mr. Mufid Sakr 0966659534
Al Set Zainab Dunia Center 0993188767
Adra Al Omaliye Husam Center 0955800444
Katana Mr. Fateh Abu Ayta 0933643392
Damascus Mr. Moutaz Al-Boushi 5134035
Damascus Mr. Emad Al-Hanafi 3731870
Damascus  ( Barze Al-Balad ) Mr. Adnan A-Rifaee (Sama Net) 5115116 / 0932350002
Damascus  ( Barze Al-Balad ) Mr. Wessam Omar Husain (Almazloum) 5128090 / 0992573994
Damascus ( Al-Bahsa) Mr. Eyad Shanaq 0954720032
Damascus (Masaken Barze) Mr. Ali Hammud 0966867087
Damascus (Douma) Mr. Essam Al-Baali  57390644 /  0966406226