FAQ - General questions

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital subscriber line) is a high-speed internet access service that utilizes existing copper telephones lines to send and receive data at speed that far exceed conventional Dial-up modems. ADSL uses standard telephone lines to transmit upstream and downstream data on a digital frequency, which sets these data streams apart from the analog signals telephones and fax machines use. Because the ADSL signal is operating on a different frequency, the telephone can be used normally, even when surfing the web with ADSL service. The only requirement will probably be inexpensive DSL filters on each phone or fax line, to remove any "white noise" on the line that might be generated from ADSL service.

• Copy of Identity card for customer who needs to activate ADSL on telephone line.

• Copy of the last telephone bill.

• Copy of the last electricity bill.



Upon completion of the papers and sign the contract, amount 500 s.p will be paid including (transaction fees + portal activation fee).

  • 512 Kbps
  • 1   Mbps
  • 2   Mbps
  • 4   Mbps
  • 8   Mbps

Between 2 weeks up to 20 days.

The only ways available to pay a monthly Subscribe:

- Directly payment at company’s head office (Damascus - Taliani - President Avenue | Damascus - Baramkah -  Behind the Faculty of Economics)

- Or by one of the following Banks:

  1. Bank Audi –Syriatech Company- account number: (3265).
  2. The international Bank for trade & finance
  3. Syriatech Company – account number    (1550430)
  • 512 Kbps   :   1250 s.p
  • 1 Mbps       :   1900 s.p
  • 2 Mbps      :   3100 s.p
  • 4 Mbps      :   5600 s.p
  • 8 Mbps      :  11000 s.p

Our homepage has "Member Area" link where you can login to do this. There is a link to check

view your invoices.

Or you can contact us for more information.

Or Call customer service  no. 011-5027

You should pay at the beginning of each month but your connection will be stopped on 5th of the month if you couldn't pay.

You can find out the availability of ports by calling 011-5027.

The ADSL broadband service makes use of your existing local telephone line by splitting the line into two distinct channels- one for voice and other for high-speed data connection. The high speed data connection uses a higher frequency range not used in normal voice communications. The ADSL is carried by broadband modem (in your home/office).

  • The port is not active from PBX.
  • Connection required by the telephone exchange is incorrect.
  • Technical failure in the ADSL modem.
  • An error in the cables or the filter is not in the right way.

The phone line doesn’t work completely or there is no dial tone.

  • There are many kinds of ADSL modems where the light doesn’t stable if the number (1) case happened.
  • When you put wrong settings with your modem, so in this case also the light can’t be stable.
  • The modem settings are wrong (username, password).
  • Technical failure from PBX or the telephone exchange at the user area.
  • Error in activating the network settings and the DNS at the user’s computer.
  • A problem in the user’s browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer).
  • Activating the proxy in the browser so it makes problems when you want to browse.
  • Error in the definition of the network card or a technical problem in the card.
  • Technical failure in the ADSL modem.
  • An error in the cables or the filter is not in the right way, or it’s not linked at all.
  • Technical failure in the ADSL modem (software or hardware).
  • A failure with the telephone exchange and we can fix this problem by looking to ( Line Attenuation ) at the ADSL modem page to know the status of the line if the value is more than 40, Will solve this problem by maintenance the copper connections either inside the house or change the short section between the house and the phone tray or change the long section between the phone tray and BPX.
  • The distance between the customer's house and telephone exchange if it’s higher than 3k.m so we have to put a repeater to strengthen the signal.

VPI (Virtual Path Identifier) and VCI (Virtual Channel Identifier) are technical terms that define the waythat data is transferred via ADSL connections.
These values need to be known when configuring an ADSL modem.

Point to Point Protocol (PPP) and Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) is network protocol that allows data communication between two network entities or points.

 Logical Link Control (LLC):

The Logical Link Control (LLC) layer is one of two sub layers of the Data-Link layer in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model of communication. The LLC layer is concerned with managing traffic (flow and error control) over the physical medium.


SubnetworkAccess Protocol (SNAP):

The Sub Network Access Protocol (SNAP) is a standard for the transmission of IP datagram over IEEE 802 networks. In other words, IP datagram can be sent on IEEE 802 networks encapsulated within the 802.2 LLC and SNAP data link layers and the 802.3, 802.4 or 802.5 physical network layers.

A router's function is to decide where to send the packets of data that pass though a gateway (a gateway is where two networks join - in this case your PC and the internet). It decides where to forward a packet of data in order to ensure it gets to its destination in the most effective path.

A Line Splitter looks just like a line filter but has two outputs to split the output of a socket so both a telephone and ADSL modem can share the same socket at the same time. One of the outputs of the splitter is filtered for the phone to plug into while the other output is unfiltered for the ADSL modem to plug into.
A splitter or line filter separates the standard phone line signals from the DSL signals. This is required in order to use the phone line for standard phone handsets, modems, fax machines or other devices that require the phone line.

MTU or Maximum Transmission Unit is the largest amount of data your broadband can handle in one "packet".  If the sent data is being larger than this then it is broken down into smaller packets. If your MTU is incorrectly configured on your router it can affect the performance of your Broadband connection and can cause issues with:

  • Accessing certain websites.
  • Web pages appear to stop loading.
  • Web pages loading slowly.
  • Accessing secure sites such as email accounts, banking and other sites with https in the website address.

Every computer or group of computers connected to the internet has an IP address (internet protocol address) which is unique and therefore used to locate and identify individual computers. IP Addresses come in two types, Dynamic and static.

Your Dial-up, ISDN and ADSL connections are done via dynamic IP as oppose to static IP. However if you want to have access to web server, FTP server or to Mail server, you need to have a static IP.A static IP address is a number that is assigned to a computer by an internet service provider(ISP) to be its permanent address on the internet. Computers use IP addresses to locate and talk to each other on the internet much the same way people use phone numbers to locate and talk to one another on the telephone.

-   In the province of Damascus through:

   Cancellation request by the company's head office (Damascus - Taliani - President Avenue | Damascus - Baramekah - Behind the Faculty of Economics)

      with the need to take a picture of the

    identity of the owner of line to be canceled.

-   Within the provinces:

    An application unsubscribe by Special Agent of the company with the need to take a picture of the identity of the owner of line to

                   be canceled.

If you wish to turn Subscribe to a certain period must submit a request to reduce the speed to lower speed exist in our provider and make limited 256 MB.