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Dial up Service

Dial-up servicefrom theinternet service provider(ELCOM)allows users to browsethe Internet with amodem thathelps the computer to connect the Internetthroughthe phone line, this connection can not reach speed more than56KBp/s.

Syrian Telecommunications identify the cost of dial up service by 30 piasters per 3 minutes connect. (6 s.p per one hour)


Available cards from service provider (Elcom):

E-lcom offers many types of Dial up cards that will ensure you hours of internet connection according to the following slides:


Hours cards:

Cards are specified with number of hours starting at the first activation of the card and ending at the expiration.

-  50 S.P card     including:     6 hours                       validity: 1 month

- 100 S.P card    including:     12:30:00 hours             validity: 1 month

- 200 S.P card    including :    25:00:00 hours             validity: 2 months



Open days cards:

 Cards that can use as hours cards or open days cards starting at the first activation of the card and ending at the end of their validity as user.

  these cards can be used as hours or as an open days

-  250 S.P       as hours:  31 hours         validity: 3 months    (or)   as open days: 10 days

-  500 S.P       as  hours: 62 hours         validity: 4 months    (or)   as open days: 30 days

- 1000 S.P      as hours: 125 hours         validity: 6 months    (or)   as open days: 60 days




 1- When you use the open days cards as hours cards:

 Just enter the number of username and password ex: / 31 hours for 3 months /

2- When you use the open days cards as days cards:

 In this case there is no account on the hours so you need to create account by site to make your username and password special for you.

3- If you would like to use the card as open days, you must create an account through our Website, and to create this account you have to use in the beginning a username :Elcom , and the password : Elcom

How to create an account through the web site:

To create an account through the web site you will connect to the internet and click on control panel member----------- create the account and then you enter:

Username: guest                                    password: guest

And follow the steps described.

This subscription is a free register and helps you to enter the site of e-lcom only and create a new account.


When you create an account through elcom site you will have free mail with 50 MB space and possibility to sending and receiving Email for free.

All what you have to do to get a dial up cards is :

- Directly from our head office (Damascus - thaliana - president avenue)

- Or by point of sale existing in all market

- Or by the new service to all users from MTN lines.