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Dedicated hosting

A dedicated hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(S), including choice of operating system, hardware , etc. Server administration can be provided by Elcom technical staff or by customer technical staff. Dedicated servers are hosted in Elcom data center , providing redundant power sources and suitable environment.

Focus on Your Core Strengths While Reducing Costs and IT Management:

 Imagine using your IT resources to focus on growing your business instead of maintaining hardware, updating software and allocating services. Elcom dedicated solutions help organizations like yours liberate technology staff so that you can concentrate on core strengths and accelerate growth.

Elcom dedicated hosting solutions combine advanced technology, proven experience and unparalleled support. We tailor your solution to fit your organization's security and performance needs and provide complete Migration Services that make it easy to move your data and application settings from one server to another.

With a customized, dedicated solution, expert migration team and hosted support staff, you can rest assured the transition to a hosted environment will be smooth and the technology supporting your business is reliable, scalable, and expertly maintained by a team of server engineers.

Reduce Costs and Focus on Your Core Strengths:

Don't let capital IT expenditures for internal build-out and IT management become headaches to your business. The underlying technologies that make your business run can be costly, time-consuming and tedious to manage in-house. Our dedicated solution reduces capital expenses and frees up your technology resources so you can focus on improving business processes

Enjoy Unparalleled Service & Support:

 Whether you need a simple two server solution or a multiple load-balanced server configuration with custom firewalls, Elcom team can design the perfect solution and manages and monitors your solution 24x7x365. Our Entourage Support Service assigns a dedicated team of server engineers and a support supervisor who work closely with you whenever you require assistance. A unique contact number and customer portal makes it easy to get instant support.