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Adsl Configuration Guide

To configure the ADSL service from Elcom Internet Service provider you must follow the steps below:


1. Secure the necessary equipment:

- An ADSL Telephone Line which enabled on a port by PTC

- ADSL modem is the entrance to RJ 11 for connecting the telephone line.

- filter (splitter) has three entries (ADSL + LINE + PHONE) to separate the Data and Voice

- a computer to start working Internet service.


2. How to do wire:

-We connect the phone line with the filter of the LINE

- We connect the phone with filters of the PHONE with the observation that any device must be connected to another phone in the house after the filter and not before or put filter at each phone to prevent any interference

- Then we plug the ADSL modem with filters of troubleshooting the ADSL.

- Then we plug the network cable to the ADSL modem from the entrance to the (Ethernet RJ 45) to your computer or work through the wireless connection if its available in the modem.


3. The application of the necessary settings on the ADSL modem:

To begin the work of the ADSL service must apply many of the settings on the personal computer and the ADSL modem.



After you arrived to make sure the network cable computer modem and the ADSL, make sure of the definition of the network card settings and make sure the local network through the following:

Admitted to the bar, we start by clicking on the control panel and then we choose the Options Network and Sharing We are pressing on
Show all networks and the properties of the network and which are selected (Internet Protocol Tcp / Ip)
Appears to us as follows:



We request any page Http to open the web page either through the (Internet Explorer OR Fire fox) as follows: if the ADSL modem of the type D-LINK


In the case of the modem of the other type, we therefore as shown in Figure

From the start put pressure on the inside run and then write cmd



Then will show to us a black screen inside, write ipconfig



Then will shows:

IP Address: 192.168.     

Subnet mask:

Default Gateway: 192.168.  

 Will be the default gateway is the IP of your modem, ADSL

Then back to the web page after entering the number your modem is showing us a user name and password
  As in the form:
 Note that the user name: admin
                         Password: admin, in case the modem is of type D-LINK
Important Note: We will later talk about the many other species, not only





The application settings provider on the Modem page:

There are many Routers ADSL available on the market, including:

• D_LINK admin / admin
• Linksys admin / admin

• Smc USER: admin Pass: smcadmin
• Usrobotec admin / admin
• Billion There are many species

We note that all of the ADSL modems have the same application with almost a slight difference in shape and recall of the following methods to enter the page:

• Run wizard
• Quick setup
• Advanced setup
• Setup


In all previous cases must apply the following steps:
• Choose the timing of the content area
• Choose the connection type is a / LLC PPPOE
• Set the user name and password received from the Subscriber by the Company as an example of this:


Pass: * * * * * *
• Then we select the VPI is an 8 and the VCI which is 35
• We then adjust the settings Allatsal Wireless:
We are beginning to activate wireless Allatsal We choose a special name for the wireless network
Then we activate the wireless protection Allatsal to prevent the entry of a stranger to the subscriber's own Allatsal and deter attempts to carry out subversive
We choose the type of protection which is a WPA and then we enter the password that we want
• We then save the settings and restart the ADSL modem
• The introduction of the ADSL service provided by your Internet service quantum.


We attach the following forms to clarify the previous ideas: